Mercedes S580

Mercedes s550

Mercedes S580

4 Passengers
Black Leather Interior
Heated Seats
DVD Player
On Board Wi-Fi
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    Caters to the needs of up to three passengers, a good fit for embassy and corporate car services.

    Classic Aesthetics: The Mercedes-Benz’s is a symbol of  luxury.

    Top-tier German Craftsmanship: Premium materials and precise design in every inch of the interior.

    Advanced Multimedia System: Keeping passengers entertained and connected.

    Adaptive Ambient Lighting: Multiple lighting settings to fit the mood or time of day.

    Safety Suite: Equipped with the latest in Mercedes-Benz safety technology.

    Superior Ride Comfort: Advanced suspension and noise control for a serene journey.

    • Point to point service
    • Dedicated chauffeur service
    • Air port transfer
    • Night life service
    • Point to point service
    • Dedicated chauffeur service
    • Airport transfer
    • Night life service