Cadillac Limo

Executive Car Service

Cadillac Limo

6 Passengers
Black Leather Interior
Heated Seats
DVD Player
On Board Wi-Fi
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    Comfortable and convenient transportation for up to seven passengers; ideal choice for large group travel, corporate outings, or tours.

    Regal Design: A signature blend of luxury and power that stands out.

    Premium Leather Interiors: Crafted for elegance and comfort.

    State-of-the-Art Entertainment System: Ensuring guests are entertained throughout their journey. Ambient Lighting: Enhancing the ambiance with a selection of mood settings.

    Extended Cabin: Providing additional space for a relaxed experience.

    Comprehensive Climate Control: Customizable temperature settings for the comfort of all passengers.

    • Point to point service
    • Dedicated chauffeur service
    • Airport transfer
    • Night life service